aquagear water filter pitcher review

Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher Review 2019: The Most Ethical Pitcher

Product Summary

Contamination Removal: 93%
Capacity: 63%
Flow Rate: 53%
Filter Lifespan: 94%
Warranty: 100%
Features: 97%

Price: $$


Aquagear has really an ethical approach to doing business. The charity program, recyclable pitcher, and pre-paid return label so you can send your old pitcher back.

All this supported by the excellent removal rate and long filter lifetime when unit lasts up to 6 months.

If you really care about the ethical side of the products you are buying, you will love this pitcher.

You have probably come across a pitcher filter as the way to purify the water and not spend a fortune on advanced systems.

In this Aquagear water filter pitcher review, I will have a look at how good this pitcher is.



So let’s start with some basic specifications of this unit.

Aquagear comes in a standard capacity of 8 cups. The whole pitcher is made of BPA-Free plastic, so you don’t have to worry about this poisonous substance anymore.

In addition to that, all used materials are 100% FDA-approved and recyclable. The filter also meets the NSF Standards 42 and 53 requirements.

I will talk about the recycling part a bit later as it is really exciting.

What Makes This Product To Stand Out?


This is probably the most exciting part.

Why Is This Product Different to Others?

First of all

Filter Lifespan

You need to know that the average lifespan of the filtration cartridge is roughly 40-50 gallons. This is the number the ordinary pitcher filters can filter before cartridge needs to be replaced.

In Aquagear’s case, this number is unbelievable 150 gallons of purified water before you have to replace a cartridge.

I mean this is decent, and the number is comparable to faucet mount filters.

You will only have to replace a filter about every 4-6 months, but again this depends on your daily usage.

However, even if you don’t use the filter a lot, I would suggest you replace the cartridge no longer than every 6 months.

The simple truth is, that cartridge creates an ideal environment for bacteria to breed.

I am not talking about this particular one, but as general advice I usually stick to.


Removal Rates


My favorite part. I will have a look at the removal rates and see how well is it doing here. (Hint: very well)

If you are looking for the filter to remove fluoride, this one will do it for you.

Tested removal rate of fluoride is amazing 90%.

Believe it or not but, there are not many filters out there that are able to perform that well when it comes to remove fluoride so 90% is a really high number.

The manufacturer reports that the filter removes 2000% more impurities than Brita.

Unfortunately, I cannot confirm it as I haven’t seen a test comparison report that supports this information.

Bottom Line:

Aquagear is doing an outstanding job when it comes to removing such dangerous contaminants as Arsenic, Lead, Chromium, and Chlorine.

Most of the contaminants are removed at the rate of 95+%. For the full list of removed contaminants visit the manufacturers website.


Charity Program

Okay, I know I said that my favorite part is at removal rates, but actually, this one is as well as favorite.

So what’s going on?

The manufacturer is running a charity program.

The best part?

You don’t even have to participate in it.


Because by every purchase of the filter you are automatically a participant!


Well, the manufacturer will install a water filter in developing countries for every single purchase of the filter.

Basically, you purchase the filter and Aquagear install the filter that will supply the water for the community for 6 months! I wouldn’t be afraid to say that it is done on your behalf.

This is merely the best win-win situation. Exactly as I like.

Bottom line:

You help yourself because now you will have clean water thanks to the pitcher filter. At the same time, you help someone else in a world to have clean water as well.

Don’t know about you, but I love it.

Recyclation Program

Well, if you thought that this end by the charity program you are way wrong.

I love the recycling program that Aquagear offers.

Let me explain.

I have mentioned earlier that the whole pitcher is made of 100% recyclable plastic.

Now, here is the best part:

If you don’t use an old Aquagear pitcher anymore for some reason, you can just email the company on this email address: recycle(at)

Just ask for the returning label back and send it back to the company. Aquagear will take care of the recycling.

What you will love is that the return postage is already paid, so there is no extra cost for you.

Additionally, for every recycled filter, Aquagear will double the amount of treated water.

That means, that if you purchase an Aquagear filter and recycle the old one, you provide clean water for someone in need for 12 months.

Lifetime Guarantee – Yes It’s Real

I believe that after what I have just said with charity program, you already love this filter.

Another cool thing is that will make you love this pitcher, even more, is the lifetime guarantee.

What does it mean?

In case you break or somehow damage the filter you are covered by the guarantee.

The manufacturer will provide you with a paid return label, and it is sorted for you. Just wait for the new unit to arrive.

For specific information you can contact the manufacturer.

Pros and Cons

  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Recyclable program – pre-paid returning label
  • Charity Program
  • Removes fluoride
  • Exceptionally good treatment rates
  • Great tasting water
  • Slow filtration
  • I would love to see one with the higher capacity


I love the idea that you buy a filter and help someone out there. I mean this is a brilliant win-win situation.

In addition to that, the pitcher offers really excellent removal rate, is made of recyclable materials and offer the lifetime guarantee.

I believe that you will really feel good if you decide to get Aquagear pitcher filter.

I wish more companies have such an ethical approach to doing business.



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