best hot water dispenser for tea and coffee

Best Hot Water Dispensers in 2019: For Tea and Coffee

If you are the type of person who loves to enjoy a warm cup of tea, chai, yerba mate and hot drinks on a sunny day, or who even likes to make coffee, herbal blends, and kava at full moonlight, then this article is for you.

With a review of the best hot water dispensers for making delicious tea and coffee that can instantly add steaming hot water to your favorite blend.

Imagine it’s a breezy, sunny day – you’re waking up to a beautiful Saturday morning, and as you roll out of bed to go to the kitchen.

You grab two cups with loose leaf tea, and instead of waiting 5 minutes for the water to heat up on the stove, you take your mug, hold it under the tap, open the faucet, and – voila! – You have hot tea to bring back to your wife sleeping in bed.

breakfast in bedSeriously, what is better than breakfast in bed?

Ok, maybe there are a few things… and definitely, after those, hot tea, coffee and your favorite drink with the attraction of a push of a button, what could be better?

I like these instant hot water tap models for safety and the assurance that you will not forget about your water heating on the stove.

I know that for me, it’s easy to fall asleep when I have water boiling on the stove, even more so after a long day of work and when there is no one else home but my cat and dogs.

With these, you just open it up, and steaming water comes out, ready for your last cup of tea before bedtime.

For an extra boost in health and wellness, you may know that drinking herbal teas and warm drinks can be a soothing way to fulfill your needs for energy and relaxation.

With these designs, you get the ease of instant hot water at your fingertips at home or office by the push of a button.

Combined with an under the counter water filter and an organic blend of your favorite drink, and you are well on the way to a newer, healthier choice for celebrating your daily routine.

tea cups

Looking at how delicious these two cups of green tea with an Asian style bamboo serving tray is so tempting that I am now brewing some right now.

I’ll share it with you: one of my favorite recipes is blended with nutmeg, it’s straightforward and I will include the whole recipe later in this article.

If you like cinnamon, like me, then you are going to love these recipes.

A classic trend in the health and wellness community is the use of organic herbs, spices and now popular again, fresh fruit just-add-water drinks that are simple to make and beautiful in their colors.

Many people are even offering the hot blends at bars and restaurants now as stars like Lady Gaga talk about how much they love drinking tea.

To try out a fresh fruit blend at home or your next party: chop fruit into cubes or slices, place mindfully in the cups, add your favorite herbal mixture to your teapot.

Open your hot water tap and fill with steaming water, let steep for 2-3 minutes, pour over the fruit.

If you are super adventurous add a teaspoon of liquor or cannabis infused coconut oil, and you are ready to fill party glasses for a toast to remember.

Sometimes we prefer to stay at home, and that is perfectly fine, too.

Imagine how beautiful it would be to make some rose tea and do yoga in your pajamas together with some relaxing chill-out music and hot tea.

hot water

You can do that!

Go for it!

Take time for yourself, and you will be better ready to help others, especially your family.

Maybe there is a special day coming up for someone, and she or he would also like to make soothing tea at home.

Here, now we will look at the reviews, benefits, and potential issues with each of these instant hot water faucets so you can make the best choice for the style that fits you.

And honestly, these are super easy to install in your kitchen, so you will have instant hot water before you know it.

How do the Top Five Compare?

Here is where you can read about the instant hot water faucets that I recommend in more depth.

Find out which models have the best features, what reviewers had to say about each item, and I’ll also include links to purchase them if you would like to choose the one you want for your kitchen.

Please note: When you get a heater, please don’t plug it in when you are holding it. You need to install it correctly, and then to plug it in and test, or else it will be dangerous.

Ok, with that aside, now let’s check out these designs!

ProductFeaturesOur RatingCheckout

InSinkErator H-Wave

Stainless Steel Tank, Chrome Faucet, 3 Year Warranty


Waste King H711

Satin Nickel Faucet, Open Vent, 1 Year Warranty


Zorvo Heater

4-Level Protection, Extra large tank, Low Energy Usage


Ready Hot RH-200

Safety Faucet design, Stainless Steel housing, 190˚F Temperature rating


AB Crew 110V Tankless tap

LED digital display, Low price point, Tankless Electric Hot Water Heater


InSinkErator H-Wave

Product Summary

My Rating:

Price: Check the latest price

Key Features: Stainless Steel Tank, Chrome Faucet, 3 Year Warranty

For people who enjoy preparing hot coffee, tea, and other foods, washing dishes, warming baby bottles and more, this wall-mounted model provides all of that plus an extra 3-year warranty for making delicious of cups of tea for special events to remember.

This InSinkErator hot water faucet design offers a stainless steel tank that is adjustable from 160˚F to 210˚F for water that is almost boiling.

With a temperature safe enough to brew coffee and tea, wash the dishes and more plus a thermostat that you can adjust when needed – winning the #1 pick for an instant hot water dispenser.

I prefer the durability of the stainless design and how the hot lever automatically shuts off after using it, making this a good option for multitaskers.

The hot water tank holds about ⅔ of a gallon of water, and the chrome faucet adds a nice complement to both soft contemporary and traditional design styles.

One more feature I like about this model is the system includes an exclusive “We Come to You” 3-Year In-Home Limited Warranty in case you ever need some help getting things fixed.

One common issue that comes up in the reviews is that these models seem to fail after the warranty expires, yet some users report their unit working fine for up to 10 years.

For installation, you may want to know a little about your electrical plan and basic plumbing before starting.

This product draws fewer amps than the typical garbage disposal, so assuming you already have one wired in your sink, you will find many options available for safely drawing from the same circuit.

Requires 1-¼ inch to 1-½ inch diameter hole and 3-inch maximum counter thickness.

The installation is straightforward with the instructions, yet if you want extra peace of mind, it will be simple for your plumber to install.

For getting the most out of your system, make sure to include a water filtration system, and your water will taste better than ever!

These systems – exclusively for instant hot water dispensers – help make beverages and recipes better by filtering out the things that affect water’s taste, like chlorine, particles and other contaminants for clean, great-tasting drinks.

Compatible with this hot water tap, the same company also offers a filtration system that you can install under the counter, sold separately.

I recommend considering the InSinkErator F-1000S with filtration system, and then you can have hot, water that is also filtered for your optimal health and wellness.

  • 3-year warranty with free house calls (including parts and labor) for the entire warranty period
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • May require a replacement after the warranty period
  • Possibly could be too hot for children and elderly family members who aren’t aware of the near-boiling temperature


The Involve Series provides a complete system making it easy to add instant hot water to your kitchen, adding the convenience and luxury of near-boiling water to your sink, with a filter option that is sold separately for advanced filtration plus the superior taste of clean water for your morning tea or coffee.

So far, this instant hot water tap is #1 on my list for DIY design and extended warranty.

I would recommend buying the filter attachment for the bonus of making sure your water is chlorine-free, which is so important for achieving your best level of wellness.

Waste King H711

Product Summary


Price: Check the latest price

Key Features: Satin Nickel Faucet, Open Vent, 1 Year Warranty

Now, if you are looking for a low-cost hot water dispenser that will save you in a pinch, PLUS comes with a large tank capacity?

Then it‘s this one.

Whether making a delicious tomato soup or keeping your house in order and washing the dishes with hot water, this Waste King hot water dispenser kit includes a 1300-watt metal tank and elegantly made Coronado faucet in satin nickel for your decor.

With this model, you’ll have near-boiling water (up to 190 degrees F) to help you prepare instant drinks like herbal tea and hot chocolate, instant soups, and more.

Now you can have instant hot water at home whenever you desire, and yes, you can install it yourself with some plumbing experience!

Of course, it may take a bit more than a basic installation for the DIYer who wants a do-it-yourself design.

Some reviewers were surprised to learn that it required a little more effort than expected to put together and that the instructions were confusing, to say the least – yet if you have experience replacing faucets, and follow the tips left by reviewers, it will most likely be quite simple.

A few tips to be aware of before the installation: first, add a water filter for your health. This is a sure way to enhance the quality of your wellness and daily energy significantly.

By installing a filter you are saving yourself from the residual chemicals found in tap water, and you are also extending the life of your system, as you will be safe from chlorine build-up.

I recommend to buy an Under-the-Sink reverse osmosis system that will filter your water before sending it to your hot water faucet.

Second, have your plumber install a simple timer so that the system shuts off at night – this is an easy hack that will add extra life to your system and reduce energy consumption.

With this model, you may see a few slight drops of water coming from the faucet. This is normal due to the Open Vent system of the design.

If it looks like its more than a few drips and seems to be running when closed, of course, it would be time to call the plumber, but everything will probably be fine during its product lifetime.

One of the main issues that reviewers had with the Waste King is that the dispenser may sporadically spit out a bit of boiling water even though nothing has touched the handle.

If this happens, you are probably wondering what to do.

Here is the answer:

Just lower the temperature dial a little at a time until it stops, then lower it a drop more. After lowering the temperature, users reported that it will work just fine.

  • Large ⅝ Gallon water tank
  • Low-price
  • 60-100 cups of hot water ready to serve per hour
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • May drip water when not in use, instructions reported as possibly complicated for novice DIYers.


For an economical option that would be great to use at home and work, the Waste King is a low-cost option paired with a great company that was responded to customer inquiries.

If you are looking for an eco-friendly alternative to heating up water on the stove, the Waste King is a good option with a plumber to help with the installation.

Zorvo Heater

Product Summary

My Rating:

Price: Check the latest price

Key Features: 4-Level Protection, Extra large tank, Low Energy Usage

If you are on a mission to find the best instant hot water tap for your family, this one has Cold and Hot water options with a Lower Max Temperature range, safer for kids and forgetful seniors.

If an extra large tank capacity, is important to you, the Zorvo Heater is for you.

With extra fast recharge time for a lightweight under-the-sink install, this DIY project comes with instructions for someone with basic experience for household plumbing upgrades.

Zorvo includes adjustable temperature settings from 86˚F to 149˚F, with a 4-Level safety feature and better protection than comparable brands, plus it comes with high efficiency and low power requirements, benefitting from an environmentally friendly design.

Two things that I really like about this model is:

1) The extra large capacity tank, which makes the entire process of routing larger flows of instant hot water so much easier. For families and multi-use applications, this is the one to go with for more capacity

2) The 4-Level safety protection is a feature that helps for peace of mind.

Think about it:

If you are choosing between similar units, do you want to choose the model that comes with a higher level of security, or do you want to choose at will simply?

If you’re like me, you want more security features in your design. The 4-Level safety is an extra plus.

  • Warm and Hot Water
  • Lower Max temperature
  • Safer for Children
  • 4-Level Protection
  • Extra large tank
  • How-to install video is not in English, yet a reviewer said the visuals are understandable
  • Ships from overseas
  • Outer Plastic Housing


Overall, this model looks to be good for capacity, and the overall range of temperature.

As it doesn’t get as near to boiling as other models, this would be a great unit to have with children and seniors who may forget the faucet is for near steaming water.

For those of you who haven’t decided yet on your kitchen hot water tap, this one is a potential option.

One thing to be clarified is if the tank is stainless steel, and how DIY the instructional video is since they seem to be in Chinese.

Reviewers reported that the customer service is friendly and upon the need for a replacement part, they shipped a new one promptly to the buyer.

Ready Hot RH-200

Product Summary

My Rating:

Price: Check the latest price

Key Features: Safety Faucet design, Stainless Steel housing, 190˚F Temperature rating

This Ready Hot includes two-lever nickel faucet, this model was highly rated and liked by buyers for the heavy duty style of the design.

Some users did report that the slope of the faucet angled the water close to the edge of the sink, so another replacement faucet with a wider angle for dispersing the water towards the center of the sink could be advantageous for washing organic vegetables and a good idea to include during the installation.

I like knowing that you will get excellent customer support when making a purchase based on reviews of other buyers.

One person was happy with how the seller responded quickly to buyer requests when there was an issue or when they needed help with a replacement part.

For this model, the buyers who mentioned it in their review were happy with the Ready Hot customer service, satisfied with the attention they received.

On the other hand, for a next level do-it-yourself hack, check this out: Health is all about getting the best natural sources of hydration and food possible.

That’s why it’s so important to eat organic, sustainably grown vegetables to increase your energy. Also, you probably know that equally important is the quality of the water you are drinking.

You also may know that even in cities with clean tap water still may contain harmful chemicals, and that is why for this next level hack.

Combining Hot Ready instant tap with a pre-installed water filter shoots the quality to another level of purity and safety for your family.

So, how will you install your hot water tap with a water filtration system?

For the DIYers, imagine the design you want for your peace of mind, delicious taste, and the best water for life.

Yes, in our experience, a 3-stage or more Reverse Osmosis system provides an ideal level of filtration, and you get water free of chemicals that can build up in the pipes and other areas even in towns with relatively high standards of clean water.

To learn more about getting the best quality, I recommend also updating yourself on the article where I share 7 tips to make a cleaner water.

  • Designed with a Safety Faucet
  • Combined with Stainless Steel housing
  • Up to 190˚F for near Steaming Water
  • May need to purchase another faucet, per your sink.


If you are looking for a full Stainless Steel housing design, and you are ready to also install a timer to turn-on your unit during hours of normal use, then you will probably extend the lifetime of this model and enjoy the hot water range you get with it, along with the Safety design feature of the faucet.

If your sink requires a different spout, I recommend choosing one with this Safety Feature of the handle switch for hot water.

AB Crew 110V Tankless tap

Product Summary

My Rating:

Price: Check the latest price

Key Features: LED digital display, Low price point, Tankless Electric Hot Water Heater

For an indoor model, this AB Crew Instant Hot Water tap is reported by buyers as being easy to install, and I like that it is made of refined copper.

Overall, I prefer using metals over plastic. Combined with a tankless design, this instant water heater with a digital LED display is a cost-saving option for your pocket and energy usage instead of heating water on the stove.

Also, you get the opportunity to leave a review and help other people know about what you think of your purchase.

Please make sure to follow the instructions, and if you don’t have any DIY experience, maybe you could get your favorite handyman or friend to walk you through the process and teach you how to do it yourself.

If you are a snow ape, an elf at the north pole, or you live in areas where it freezes at certain times of the year, please make to sure to pull the plug, just like you do with other water appliances.

This is very important for safety.

The low score I have given to this product is because reviews have reported that this product is of poor quality.

This has made me wondering whether to include it in this review at all, but I have decided to include this option as there is not better alternative at the moment for people who are seeking tankless design.

  • Digital LED display
  • Low-cost design
  • Refined Copper
  • The tankless design which may require slightly closing the tap for hottest water
  • Limited Warranty for some cases


If you are looking for a quick purchase at a low price point with a tankless design and more space for your kitchen, then this AB Crew model can be a lovely addition to your home for brewing tea, washing vegetables, getting hot water for the dishes, and more.

Editor’s Choice

Wow! So now that I read all the reviews for the hot water dispensers included below are my top two choices for best in capacity, and the overall best value for the money.

Here are my top picks:

Best in Capacity (link to Amazon) – Zorvo heater (great capacity)

Overall Best Value for the Money (Link to Amazon) – InSinkErator H-Wave (my favorite!!)

If this review helped you, and you have an idea or question to add to the discussion, please feel free to send in your comment, and get in touch.

I look forward to hearing about your experiences with whatever instant hot tap you choose.

Good luck!

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