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Best Vitamin C Shower Filters 2019: Spa Treatment In Your House

Imagine what it would be like having a shower that leaves a pleasant feeling afterwards, and that won’t make your skin and hair itchy? Well, I might have found something that can make it happen!

In today’s article I will talk about the impact of vitamin C, how does it work and why to consider it.

Also, I will have a look at the best vitamin C shower filters for you.

Without further ado, let’s get to it!

How does Vitamin C Shower Filter Work?

First mentions about vitamin C water treatment are dated to the beginning of the 21 century. So it is a relatively new method of water treatment.

The primary purpose of such method is to dechlorinate water, and the main benefit is that dechlorination occurs fast as soon as water touches the vitamin C cartridge, unlike with the passive methods.


There are two types of vitamin C:

  1. Ascorbic Acid
  2. Sodium Ascorbate

Now, what you need to know is that ascorbic acid is used to remove less chlorinated water than sodium ascorbate which is designed to remove highly chlorinated water.

This would be the first difference.

A second difference is that ascorbic acid is mostly used in shower filters and because it is acid the pH of water can slightly decrease, compared to sodium ascorbate which is neutral to the pH of water.

As you know, most of the filters are designed to be used only with cold water.

Well, it is not a case anymore with vitamin C as this method is also applicable to be in use with hot water.

You can read more about the vitamin C dechlorination in this article.

Why to Use Vitamin C Shower Filters?

Before I jump onto my selection, let’s talk a little bit about why you should consider vitamin C shower filter at all.

First of all:

As said earlier the dechlorination process is fast compared to other methods, but there is another benefit why you should consider it.

Now, what do you know about vitamin C?

You probably know that it is a healthy vitamin that can be found in oranges and you need it to keep your immune system up and running etc.

Am I right?

Okay, so I have found research that claims that ascorbic acid is actually a great way to get vitamin C absorbed by your body.

Fear not, it is not going to hurt you!


The study shows that vitamin C will protect your skin from UV light or can protect you from photodamage.

Also, your dry skin will benefit from vitamin C rich water.

However, the article advises that to get most of it, you need to combine it with vitamin E and zinc.

To read the full article click here, as it is really interesting.

So, the benefits are clear, but there is still a question left.

How much of the vitamin C you actually absorb with water?

I mean the touch skin-water touch contact is actually very short, so I am not sure how quickly you would be able to absorb it.

Another question is how much of the vitamin C is in such treated water?

I guess it would be different for each filter and there is no right answer for it.

You will have to make your own decision about it. I believe that I have given you all the information and resources you need to make this informed decision, and see if there is a benefit personally for you.


Without the further ado, let’s compare today’s selection!

My Selection

AquaBlissSONAKIAroma Sense
My Rating
# of stages 12 2 1
Works with hot water?
Flow Rate (Gallons Per Minute) 2.5
Filter lifespan (Months) <6 1 1
Other Features No leaks 4 additional vitamin C filters Aroma oils
Warranty (Months) 12 4 - Money Back Guarantee 12
Latest price

AquaBliss SF100 12-Stage

Product Summary

My Rating:

Price: Check the latest price

Key Features: 12-Stages, Easy Installation, Reasonable price

Here is the thing:

AquaBliss is probably one of the most popular shower filters.

But does it live up to its name?

Let’s find out together.

The first thing that hit you in the face is the 12-stages of filtration.

So, let’s see what is so special about it.

  1. First stage is stainless steel mesh. It rejects sediment and larger particles.
  2. Stage is a polypropylene cotton filter and it removes a bit smaller sediments than mesh filter
  3. Calcium sulfite is suppose to remove chlorine from the both Hot & Cold water. Although, I am not entirely sure about the performance with hot water. Calcium sulfite is efficient in chlorine removal from cold water.
  4. This stage is called Redox which is the combination of words reduction-oxidation. It removes chlorine, algae, certain bacteria and heavy metals.
  5. Activated carbon stage ensures to remove chlorine and organic compounds.
  6. Far Infrared balls increase oxygen and negative ions.
  7. Zeolite balls revitalize minerals that are present in water.
  8. This is probably the most important stage of this filter. Vitamin C stage that infuses the vitamin in water.
  9. Tourmaline stage as well as zeolite revitalize minerals in water. Apparently it has some positive effect on your hair.
  10. Last stage is made of magnetic energy balls that somehow help to nourish hair, skin and nails.
  11. and 12. stages are similar as stages at the beginning. They are capturing sediments before water leaves the filter.


It is absolutely amazing how you can fit a whole 12 stages into such a small case.

Which makes me wonder about the performance of this filter.

Just think about it:

The tiny case that contains 12 various stages right?

But think about how tiny they must be!

For this reason, I don’t think this unit will be highly efficient if you have poor water quality.

What I mean is:

In my head, it just doesn’t make any sense how such a small case can be efficient to treat water reasonably.

On the other hand, this filter has a lot of positive feedback on it which indicates the quality of the product.

The long story short:

I am convinced that this would be a great filter to be used in combination with another type of water treatment such as a whole house unit.

If your water is heavily contaminated or contains a high amount of chlorine, I have doubts that the filter will significantly improve it.

Also, the reported lifespan of the filter is up to 12,000 gallons. This number may vary from case to case based on the water quality in the area.

Click here to read about water quality testing.


If you use it in combination with a bigger unit, so water that enters this filter is already clean, I am pretty sure you will see the full potential of AquaBliss.

I also think that this is the reason, why some people see poor performance of this filter while others are not. It all depends on the initial quality of water.

As of other pluses of this product, people have reported that it is straightforward to install and there are no leaks reported.

The manufacturer gives 12-month limited warranty for this product.

  • Easy installation
  • 12-Stages
  • Good lifespan
  • Good price
  • I have certain doubts about the performance with heavily contaminated water


You won’t be disappointed with this filter if you already have good water quality in your area. This filter will enhance the quality of water with its stages and vitamin C, however, don’t expect it to substitute proper filtration system.

Sonaki Inline Filter

Product Summary

My Rating:

Price: Check the latest price

Key Features: Easy installation, Dual filtration, 120-days return, 4 Vitamin C filters

Sonaki is a Korean company, so all their products are made in Korea. Compared to AquaBliss shower filter, Sonaki does not offer 12 stages of filtration.


Sonaki is entirely focused on delivering water that is rich in vitamin C.

For this reason, this inline filter comes with only two types of filters. First one is the vitamin C stage and second is something called PureMax.

The PureMax stage is supposed to remove contaminants like rust, metals, sediment and apparently it also removes certain bacteria to some extent.

Well, I believe it might remove a very few of them but definitely don’t expect it to kill all bacteria in the water.

If bacteria is your concern read this article.

This stage is designed to also work with hot water as well vitamin C filter.

Sonaki also claims that PureMax filter will last up to 20,000 liters.

If I am honest, I don’t think it would be a case.

First of all:

If you don’t use any other type of filtration, the filter is small and will clog up quickly after some time, especially if you have well water that is prone to contain sediments.


Usually, we use roughly 70 liters of water per shower, which would give us about 286 showers before you need to replace the filter which is a lot given the size of the filter.

I am referring back to the fact that if you don’t use any other pre-filter, I believe it will clog up after about 60-100 showers.

Other users seem to agree that this filter clogs up quickly and some users actually experienced that their water pressure significantly dropped after a week or two.

But most users reported that the filter lasts for about a month, but it depends on the initial water quality.


The Vitamin C filter should last up to 5,000 liters, which is more believable.

I like the transparent case so when you see that the cartridge has dissolved in water, then it’s about the time to order a new cartridge.

To sum the lifespan, if you don’t use any sort of water softener or pre-filter, prepare yourself to change filters quite frequently.

The good thing:

Sonaki gives you 4 vitamin C in total so you will have some spare ones to use before you need to replace them, which leads me to another thing.

Other users quite often complained about the price of filter replacement, and I must agree that it will be quite costly if you have bad water.

I have decided to reach out to them to ask a few questions and at the same time test the customer service.

Unfortunately, they did not respond at all which I can consider as pretty poor customer service.


As you can see from the image Sonaki gives you the incredible 120-Days return guarantee, but at the same time, there is no warranty after.

Unfortunately, it is something that takes points down for me.

  • There is a difference in water
  • Transparent housing
  • 4 Vitamin C filters
  • 120-Days guarantee
  • No warranty
  • Clogs up easily – ideal with pre-filter
  • Replacement can be quite costly
  • Customer service


Most users have seen the difference in water quality on their skin and hair after they have started using the filter, so it works.

However, prepare yourself to replace cartridges quite often if you don’t use any other kind of filter to pre-filter water.

Aroma Sense AS-OPUS

Product Summary

My Rating:

Price: Check the latest price

Key Features: Water conservation, Aroma oil, Shower head, 1-Year warranty

This product will be especially interesting for people that already have a whole house filtration.


Here is the deal:

Compared to other two shower filters above, Aroma Sense doesn’t come with another filter to remove impurities.


It only has the vitamin C stage and what is more interesting, aroma oil inside of the filter.

For this reason, I said that those of my readers, who already use a whole house filter will benefit from Aroma Sense.

Simply, apart from the removal of chlorine this shower filter won’t be efficient at removing other contaminants, just because it is not designed for it.

The filter comes as the shower head with the vitamin C cartridge hidden in the handle.

Used material is ABS thermoplastic and stainless steel, so it should be resistant against higher temperatures.

The aroma oil and vitamin C is mixed all in the cartridge.

TIP: Although, these shower filters are designed to work in hot water, make sure you don’t use them with hot water for a long period.

Usually, the initial temperature shouldn’t be more than 140 F, and you should restrict showering for 5-10 minutes of use to avoid any damage to products.


I think there is no need to explain the vitamin C filter as I have already done it at the beginning, so let’s have a look at how aroma oil works.

As water passes through the filter oil is released into the water and makes a pleasant aroma.

Just so you know, the original fragrance that comes standard is lemon.

However, there is a wide range of other fragrances available in the main company store.

Now, I don’t want to make any conclusions about the impact of the aroma oil on your skin, but I would expect that it should be completely safe.

But just to be safe, please don’t use if you have an allergy to fragrances or any of the following elements: dextrin, pectin or ascorbic acid.

The vitamin C cartridge should last for about a month which I think is a reasonable amount of time.

It’s getting better:

The shower head comes with the maximum flow of 2.5 GPM.

If for some reason you are not getting this number, note it is dependent on the initial pressure.

Apparently, it also supposes to increase the pressure and reduce water consumption, which will make sense if there is any kind of flow restrictor.

BEWARE: This product only includes shower head! There is no hose or hang included in the package.


If you want to use fixed shower head it is also available, just click here to check the price.

Aroma Sense comes with the 30-Day return policy and 1-Year warranty.

  • Range of aroma oils
  • Good water flow
  • 1-Year warranty
  • Some users reported that streams can be go off the direction
  • Some had issues with the quality of build


If you already have clean or filtered water at home Aroma Sense will definitely be a nice addition to showering experience. With a nice lemon fragrance you will enjoy your showers even more.

My Best Pick

If I am honest:

Recommended Product

This was quite a tough one to pick.

As the best vitamin C shower filter, I have decided to pick Aroma Sense for a few reasons.

First of all, I have certain doubts about how efficient showers filters really are. What I mean is, yes they might filter some contaminants out, but the lifespan is so short that it won’t be viable financially in the long run.

Secondly, if you are really concerned about contaminated water you are probably considering more sophisticated whole house unit, therefore there is no need to buy a shower filter as water is already clean before it reaches the shower.

Due to that, I have decided to select Aroma Sense as the primary role of this filter is making vitamin C rich and aromatic water rather than removing contaminants.

Final Words

I feel like I have discussed everything about vitamin C shower filters.

The reality is that these filters are not the best option for heavily contaminated water. If you genuinely want to enjoy a shower without any doubts consider a whole house unit.

You can read the only guide you will ever need when selecting them in this article.

However, you can be sure that these improve overall showering experience, especially when aroma fragrance is released.

However, if you have any questions just let me know in the comment section below, and I will help you.


  • Have you ever used vitamin C filter and which?
  • What is your impression about them?

Let me know in the comments below this article!

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