Home Master TMULTRA-ERP Review

Product Summary

Contamination Removal: 92%
Ease to Install: 90%
Treatment Rate: 97%
Space Saving: 85%
Water usage: 84%
Warranty: 90%
Features: 85%

Price: $$$


Home Master is a reverse osmosis system and what makes it to stand out is that this system is very efficient with water usage, which is usually a problem of the RO systems so, this is a great choice for people that live in an area with high costs of water. Level of the contamination removal is also to the highest standard.

The system comes with the water pump so you can be sure of the fast water flow. The only drawback of this system is the higher price comparing to the average price of the under sink systems on the market.

This system is ideal for you if you are looking for a top-notch system and you do not mind to pay a higher price for it.


Home Master TMULTRA-ERP Ultra under sink water filter represents the state-of-the-art in reverse osmosis (RO) systems. This system eliminates many of the drawbacks of RO systems while providing the same superior water quality as its competitors.

This advanced technology includes a pre-iron filter that prevents damage from well water high in iron. Before this added feature, the membrane in RO systems could be easily destroyed by high iron concentrations, causing high maintenance costs for homeowners on well water. The pre-iron filter also provides additional removal of chloramine, a common disinfection byproduct.

This RO system also reduces water waste by up to 80 percent, another common issue with other RO systems. This not the only low waste system on the market. In fact, zero waste RO systems zero are available from other manufacturers. If water usage is a concern for you, especially if your area has high water costs or is drought prone, water waste may be one of your top priorities. Some RO systems can waste as much as 12 gallons of water per gallon treated. This Home Master system consumes only 1 gallon per gallon treated.

With six stages of filtration, the system provides high quality, great tasting water. Home Master reports up to 98% removal of iron, chemicals, heavy metals, sediment, and other contaminants. A UV filter kills 99.95 of microbes including bacteria and viruses. Note that this system is not designed to treat non-potable or otherwise unsafe raw water.

Included with this model, Home Master’s permeate pump speeds up the filtration process by adding additional water pressure. The system produces filtered water at 75 GPD whereas typical rates hover around 50 GPD.

  • Great Customer Service
  • Pump for the high flow
  • Taste of water
  • Made in USA
  • Once a year filter replacement
  • Low water waste
  • Needs 115V power for UV lamp
  • Higher price of the system

Filter replacement is quick and easy with no tools needed. The replacement filters generally need to be replaced about once per year. A unique feature is that the filter and filter canister are all in one – making the replacement easy and preventing build-up of sediment and bacteria in the canisters. In other RO systems, the canisters are not replaced with the filters and break down over time, requiring a separate replacement. Home Master’s design is convenient and worry-free.

The system boasts several NSF certified components including the reverse osmosis membrane itself. Home Master offers a 5-year limited warranty.

Home Master provides extensive information on their website. If you are considering this system for your well water treatment, the company offers guidance on which system to select based on the quality of your raw water input. To ensure that your system operates safely and effectively, be sure to check out this information before purchasing. They also offer to review your well water test results and recommend the best system for you.

A chrome faucet comes with the system. You have the option of upgrade to a myriad of faucet colors and finishes – the sky is the limit regarding your decorating preferences.

The under sink portion is a typical size and should fit under most sinks. The whole system is BPA-free. Many people who are used to buying bottled water switch to an RO system, so they avoid drinking water contaminated by plastic residues, including BPA.

In general, Home Master provides a high-quality RO system that is among the best within the RO family of water filtration systems. The company offers other system options besides this one – for example, they provide additional remineralization features with their “full contact” technology. Remember that RO is not the only option for producing high-quality water. Check around on our site for the other under the sink systems that provide similar quality filtration using non-RO methods.




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