Watts Premier ZeroWaste® 0950045 Review – Waste Not, Want Watts

Product Summary

Contamination Removal: 84%
Ease to Install: 83%
Treatment Rate: 86%
Space Saving: 81%
Water usage: 95%
Warranty: 85%
Features: 85%

Price: $$$


What makes this system stand out is the ZeroWaste technology. Instead of sending wastewater down the drain this system sends it back to the house to reuse it somewhere else such as wash your car or crop the lawn.

Watts requires the electricity which some people might find as the drawback. This is needed because of the water pump that pumps the water back to the home.

I think that this is an exciting approach to the wastewater issue that RO systems usually have. Brondell Circle RO is another excellent example of the creative wastewater approach.

The major problem with most RO systems is that you waste 2 to 4 gallons of water for every gallon treated. Watts Premier 0950045 has solved this problem with a zero-waste system.

How do they do it? The concept is simple. The wastewater that typically goes down the drain is routed back to your home’s hot water supply, where it can be used for clothes washing and other uses with no waste.

With a 4-stage process, the ZeroWaste® system achieves purification standards comparable with other RO systems. The system removes bad taste and odors, chlorine and disinfection byproducts, Arsenic (V), Cysts, Barium, Cadium, Chromium, Copper, Fluoride, Lead, Radium 226/228, Selenium, TDS, and Turbidity.

The system removes 99.99% of microbial cysts, which provides peace of mind where the risks of cryptosporidium, giardia, and other harmful microbes can be present in drinking water. It’s important to note that Watts does not recommend using this system with raw, untreated water. Be sure your water is safe to drink

Some heavy metals removal rates are a little less than other systems. The differences are relatively minor. For example, the APEC ROES-50 removes 99.6% of Arsenic and 99.3% of Lead, while the Watts system removes 98.4% and 98.6% respectively.

With either system, you are still getting excellent arsenic and lead removal. Watts has certified these reduction claims through the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO).


The system is also tested and certified by WQA against NSF/ANSI Standard 58 for the reduction of the claims specified on the performance data sheet and NSF/ANSI Standard 372 for lead-free. The system also comes with a 1-year limited warranty.

  • ZeroWaste technology
  • WQA Certified
  • Additional stages available
  • Easy to maintain
  • Requires Electricity
  • Slightly worse heavy metal removal rates
  • Some users reported that unit is a bit noisy

Filter lifespans are typical for RO systems, ranging from 6 to 24 months depending on the filter stage. The system treats water at a rate of 50 gallons per day, also typical for RO systems. For faster treatment rates, see our iSpring RCC7 review.

Some consumers have experienced complications with the ZeroWaste® technology. Proper functioning requires that the unit is installed 25 pipe feet away from the water heater.

Also, if you use this system with a tankless hot water heater, you may experience issues with water pressure and your system may require additional plumbing to function correctly. Professional installation is generally recommended.

Another issue to consider is that this system must be plugged into an electrical outlet. Electricity is used to pump the wastewater back into your home’s hot water line. While the unit reduces the cost of water, the system comes with additional energy use compared to other RO systems.

Consumers have reported hearing the sound of the unit running. While not a loud noise, some say it is noticeable and something to consider when purchasing.

Many features are available for extra purchase. You can add a unit that will add minerals after treatment to improve taste and provide additional health benefits.

Also, installation is not limited to under the sink. You can install the unit in another cabinet or even in the garage or another part of the house.

The system tends to be popular in areas with high water costs and periodic or long-term droughts. Keep in mind that non-RO, gravity filtration systems also do not have wastewater. If you’ve narrowed our search to RO and wanted to save water, this is definitely a great choice.


Overall, Watts provides a quality system with advantages, especially if you live in a water-stressed area. If you don’t mind using some electricity and a little extra plumbing upfront, the Watts ZeroWaste® waste technology is worth it. Brondell H2O+ Circle is another RO system to consider if you are concerned about wastewater – check out my review to learn more.

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