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Product Summary

Contamination Removal: 40%
Ease to Install: 95%
Treatment Rate: 40%
Space Saving: 86%
Water usage: 95%
Warranty: 25%
Features: 60%

Price: $$


Zen Water will make your water tasty and easy to drink. This might be a solution for people who have troubles with drinking plain water. The product offers a great value for what are you going to pay.

Some people may argue that filtration time is too long. However, usually, the longer the filtration time is, the better the water you will get. You just need to adapt to this fact and purify at times when you don’t need to drink.

The Zen Water Systems countertop model filters drinking water using a five stage filter cartridge as well as a ceramic submicron filter. Three sizes are available: 4-gallon, 6-gallon, and 8-gallon.

The tanks and filter cartridge are transparent. You can watch the filtering process in action. The see-through filter adds a feeling of security – you can directly monitor the condition of your filter. The system also comes with an optional base.

Similar to the Biocera Alkaline Jug, the Zen Systems model uses far-infrared ceramic balls to enhance the health qualities of your drinking water. This technique is believed to improve digestion, memory, blood pressure, and metabolism.

This countertop system also employs Mafia Mineral Stones that add micro-nutrients and essential minerals to your drinking water, including calcium, zinc, potassium, manganese.

These stones also increase the alkalinity of the water. Unlike Biocera, Zen Systems does not report the measured ORP or H2. This is discussed more below.

The Zen Systems filter includes six stages:

Stage 1 Micro-Ceramic Filter Dome: This unique feature uses highly compressed ceramic that provides a 0.2 to 0.5-micron filter, trapping dirt, debris, contaminants, and most bacteria.

Stage 2 Silver Impregnated Granulated Activated Carbon: Activated carbon is used to remove chlorine, bad tastes and odors, radon, solvents, pesticides and herbicides, volatile organic chemicals and other chemicals.

Zen Systems uses a small amount of silver in their activated carbon to disinfect and inhibit the growth of bacteria.

Stage 3: Mineral Sand: Removes granular impurities.

Stage 4: Far Infrared Balls: Similar to the Biocera Alkaline Jug, this stage produces a negative ORP. If this produces molecular hydrogen (H2), then it also provides a number of reported health benefits. One concern is that Zen Systems does not provide public the measured ORP or H2 concentration.

While this system appears to use the same technology as Biocera, with no published data, it is impossible to compare the two systems in relation to the health benefits of H2.

Stage 5 Natural Zeolite:

This highly porous, natural volcanic rock traps particles as small as 4 microns in size. It can also adsorb heavy metals and ammonium and some organic contaminants. This stage also reduces unpleasant odors.

Stage 6: Magnetic Tap:

The benefits are in the tap itself! As water flows through, the valve magnetizes the water. Zen Systems and other sources claim that magnetized water can help energize, cleanse, and detoxify.

The most significant benefit to the six stages appears to be the taste of the water. Customers give rave reviews about how clean and crisp it tastes, and how easy it is to drink.

Zen Systems does not report the measured removal rates of contaminants with their website or product information. Until these data are available, it is difficult to compare this system with others that do publish data.

It is important to note that the system does not use ion-exchange resin and would therefore not provide the same benefits as systems that include this stage.

If you like the other health benefits provided by this system and the great tasting water, the lack of data may not be a deal breaker. The system is easy and safe to use. The plastic is BPA-free. Assembly is quick and easy, and no electricity or plumbing is required.

  • Remineralize water
  • Amazing taste of water
  • Great price
  • Extremely slow purifying process
  • Manufacturer does not report removal rates measures
  • 30-Days warranty only

This system comes with some wait time. With most countertop filters, especially those with large volumes, complete filtering can take several hours. Make sure this type of system is right for you – if you prefer not to plan ahead or wait, you might prefer a faucet or under the sink system.

You’re on your own as far as remembering to change the filters. This model does not have either a digital or mechanical feature to monitor use or remind you about filter replacement. The filter cartridge lasts approximately one year of regular use and the Mafia Mineral Stones last 3 to 5 years.


Like most countertop filters, it’s middle of the road when it comes to space saving. One advantage with Zen Systems is that they offer different volumes – you can choose which size works best for your space.

Zen Systems does not provide a warranty other than a 30-day guarantee that the product is free of damage or defects. I think that this is a huge drawback and it makes me wonder about the overall quality.

TIP: Do not drink couple of first tanks, let the water filter through and discard a few first tanks.

It is like manufacturer doesn’t believe in its own product, and saying that this system is bad and is not going to last for ages. Depending on what you’re looking for, you might find a system with a better warranty and features.


Q: Does This Unit Remove Fluoride?

A: No this particular model does not remove fluoride out of water.

Q: How Many Hours Does It Take a Tank to Filter?

A: Some users reported that their first batch took nearly 12 hours to filter. However, after this, the time needed to filter a tank significantly decreased.

Usually, you can expect the timeline between 3-8 hours. I would suggest you fill the tank overnight and have fresh water by the morning.

Q: How Often Do You Need To Replace Filters?

A: This filter has a multiple stages that are required to be replaced in different time. You can have a closer look on this in the product manual.

Q: Does This Filter Improves The pH of Water?

A: Users have reported that their pH has been improved. However, the manufacturer does not provide the information on the expected improvement rate.


This is a great system for people who already have a filter and would like to have healthy mineralized water.

The system gives you an excellent value for the price. However, it has a couple of drawbacks. The major thing that can put you down is that it takes ages to filter and remineralize the water, although, the results are worth it.

You will get an excellent and refreshing taste of water, which will make you drink more.



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