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Santevia Gravity Water System 2019 Review: Looks Good but No Data

Product Summary
Contamination Removal: 75%
Ease to Install: 85%
Treatment Rate: 80%
Space Saving: 75%
Water usage: 95%
Warranty: 50%
Features: 75%

Price: $$$


Santevia appears as an interesting product with only one problem. This problem is a simple fact, that manufacturer does not specify type and amount of removed contaminants which leaves me with some doubts. This product is NSF certified so at least this might serve as an indicator of the quality for potential buyers.

On the other side, this system has really positive feedback from users and they are regularly confirming that system improves the alkalinity of their water and removes a lot of contaminants, which in my opinion is more important than what is marketing department of the company is stating.


If you’re in the market for an alkaline filter with some additional water quality benefits, you may have come across Santevia in your search. In this review, we look at Santevia’s gravity water system although they also offer pitcher filters.

Be forewarned, you might need to conduct your own water testing to be sure you’re getting the desired water quality.

The company reports very little information on the system’s removal rates, and their filters have not been independently tested or certified.

In previous reviews, we’ve talked a little bit about alkalinity. Consumers seek out alkaline drinking water for two main reasons.

One benefit is to retain beneficial minerals in filtered water, like calcium and magnesium. Information from the World Health Organization helps shed light on what is known about these benefits – indicating that much uncertainty still exists on how much calcium and magnesium in drinking water help us on a daily basis.

In general, these minerals are good to have, even if we don’t know exactly how much benefit you get.

Calcium and magnesium are probably already in your water, so take some time to research before you spend money on a system that claims to add these minerals.

Some reverse osmosis (RO) systems add these minerals because the purification process removes nearly everything from the water – that’s a whole other ball game.

Check out my RO review to learn more about that process. Most carbon filters leave the beneficial minerals in so there is no need to spend the extra money to add them.


The other major benefit is that alkaline water – the alkalinity itself, which is the existence of more OH- ions than H+ ions in the water – provides positive health benefits. Technically, the health benefits are derived from the existence of dissolved molecular hydrogen in the water.

If you are determined to drink water with these benefits, make sure the filter you are buying measures H- ions. The only system we’ve reviewed that reports this information is the Biocera Alkaline Jug.

Santevia does not report values for how well their system provides the benefits of alkaline water.

Even reporting ORP is not enough – as a consumer, you need to know the H- measurements before you know you are getting the benefits you seek.

  • Fluoride filter lasts up to 4 months
  • BPA & BPB Free
  • Removes Fluoride
  • Improves Alkalinity
  • Removal rates are not reported
  • Bigger size
  • Only 90 days warranty

Santevia provides extensive information on their website regarding the benefits of alkaline water.

They indicate that more and more research is available on these benefits and reputable scientific organizations have published papers to back up these claims. If one reads some of the studies, the link between alkaline water and improved health is complex.

For example. In the World Health Organization’s publication Nutrients in Drinking Water, research findings on magnesium vary depending on individual cases.

This system continues to disappoint as any data on contaminant removal is severely lacking. Santevia notes that their systems remove pharmaceuticals, chlorine by-products, bacteria, heavy metals while providing overall high quality, alkaline drinking water.

The company does not report the exact percent removal for their countertop system. We do know that their pitcher filters remove the following:

  • Aluminum – total 58%
  • Cadmium – total 58%
  • Copper – total 66%
  • Lead – total 85%
  • Mercury – total 98%

While this hasn’t been confirmed, it’s very likely that countertop system provides similar removal rates. The countertop system is tested by their in-house laboratories to meet NSF standard 42 and 53.

Since NSF standards are proprietary, the percent removal data are not available to consumers. It is important to note that this system is not independently tested or certified.

After considering all of these factors, Santevia has a few attractive features. The crystal clear tank allows you to watch your water filter through the many stages in real time, and you can even see the different filter media through the clear filter.

Santevia offers a 90-day warranty for the system and a 30-day one for the filters. All Santevia products are BPA & BPB free.

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4 thoughts on “Santevia Gravity Water System 2019 Review: Looks Good but No Data”

  1. Great info. It’s really helpful website… Despite the lack of information on performance I think I might give it a go, since it has quite decent feedback. You convinced me.
    Thank you

    1. Recently I change the filters and I found out the 5 stage filter is no longer on the market (see instructions you tube at 2.20min), compare to current filter offered. I wonder how the “new” 5 stage filter (2 stage filter) performance ? Any input will be appreciated. 🙏🏼


      1. Hey Roy,

        Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I have had a quick look and it doesn’t seem to be much of a difference between old and new filter. It almost seems to me like they are combining some stages into one. The reason behind might be a size reduction, but I guess the manufacturer would be the best bet to tell the difference. This is the problem I have with them, is that there is not much information available.

        Sorry I can’t help you more, but let me know if you have any other questions.


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