WaterChef U9000 Review – A Sleek, High Quality No-Brainer

Product Summary

Contamination Removal: 80%
Ease to Install: 91%
Treatment Rate: 95%
Space Saving: 96%
Water usage: 93%
Warranty: 95%
Features: 80%

Price: $$$


What makes this system different is that it is not standard reverse osmosis system as most of the under sink systems nowadays. WaterChef has only one Big Block Carbon filter and comparing to the RO water systems, where all the water contaminants are removed and then healthy minerals are added back to the water, WaterChef keeps minerals in the water at the filtration stage.

This filter also has BPA-free sub-components which makes it harmless to your health and LED light that serves as the reminder for when to replace the filter is just a nice added bonus to this system.


WaterChef is known as a company for high-quality products and excellent customer service. Their under-sink system WaterChef U9000 lives up to these standards. Consider this solidly built, a space-saving system to serve your water treatment needs.

Just like the WaterChef C7000 countertop system, the U9000 has one stage of filtration. It uses a proprietary filter design with several different filter media including a carbon block filter.

You will find that many under sink filters use reverse osmosis (RO) technology. RO works by allowing only water molecules and very little else to pass through a filter membrane. This is done using water pressure. It creates exceptionally pure water.

However, healthy minerals are also removed and have to be replaced. Many RO systems replace healthy minerals. The downside is that you are paying for those minerals to be replaced.

With WaterChef’s technology, many harmful contaminants are removed while healthy minerals remain.

WaterChef U9000 removes an impressive range of contaminants including lead and a long list of organic pollutants. Reported removal rates range from 95 to greater than 99 percent, with most being 99 percent or higher.

The Waterchef C7000 also removes chlorine and chloramine at a rate of 93.1 percent. The system eliminates cysts (giardia, cryptosporidium, etc.) at an impressive rate of higher than 99.99% using a 0.5-micron filter.

This system has many other advantages. You have a choice of four elegant faucet finishes: polished chrome, polished brass, brushed nickel, and oil rubbed bronze. The rest of the system hides underneath your sink, measuring only 8.8 x 11.2 x 12 inches, it should fit comfortably under most kitchen sinks. The under-sink portion is stainless steel and BPA-free with high-quality fittings.


Make sure you get the designer faucets with LED replacement reminders. The reminder lights help you keep track of when to replace the filters. This feature will help you maintain a continuous supply of high-quality water, worry-free. The monitor does require battery replacement periodically.

  • Optional refrigerator kit
  • Easy Installation
  • LED lights for Filter Monitoring
  • Carbon filter
  • Some users reported leaks

Another plus is that once you purchase the systems, the maintenance costs are pretty low. The filters typically require replacement once per year. Add that to the convenience of replacing only one filter – as opposed to 5 or 6 for some systems at different frequencies – a valuable and convenient feature for busy lifestyles.

WaterChef takes the quality of its products seriously. While there are good quality systems that are not third-party certified, the WaterChef products provide greater peace of mind with this certification. The U9000 is Tested & Certified by NSF International under NSF/ANSI Standards 42 and 53.

While some systems are independently tested by NSF or other organizations, being certified is provides a higher level of assurance. WaterChef is among the few that have this certification.

You also have the choice of an optional refrigerator kit. This option allows you to filter your refrigerator and faucet water using the same system.

The system is a breeze to install. It should take about 20 to 30 minutes if you are using a pre-drilled hole, like an extra hole intended for a soap dispenser. If you need to drill a hole in your sink, then it will take a little more time. Hiring a plumber is not necessary for installation.

The system comes with a 60-day money back guarantee and a lifetime limited warranty. Some systems only offer limited guarantees. Compared to lower quality systems, WaterChef provides a durable, reliable system for many years of high-quality drinking water.


Q: Is the water pressure sufficient enough?

A: Although, the pressure is lower than what you would have normally from the tap, the pressure is sufficient enough. You might expect to fill an 8oz cup in 5 seconds.

Please nore, that pressure may vary based on your normal tap output.

Q: Do I need electricity to use this unit?

A: No, there is no need to have a power plug in order for this unit to work.

Q: What is the difference between this system and reverse osmosis?

A: WaterChef has a carbon block stage filter and does not remove everything out of the water as RO systems do. For example this unit will not remove fluoride.

Another difference is that RO removes everything even healthy minerals. This unit keeps healthy minerals.


The U9000, along with WaterChef’s other systems, offers superior performance, convenience, and reliability. If you are looking for a worry-free, spacing saving filtration system, the WaterChef should be near the top of your list.

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    1. Hi James,

      It will definitely help to some extend, but water will never be the same quality as after the filtration that is placed right next to the tap. Pipes will always contain a lot of heavy metals and carcinogens. So even though it will be a massive step forward, I personally would still filter the water and don’t trust whatever goes from out taps. Hope it answers your question.


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